Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scenes From a Week: March 31 Edition

Another week behind us, and with it, another month.  Highlights from the week included my lovely cousinfriend Anne in town, a mid-day drink on Friday with Anne, Matt & Kelly, beerfest on Saturday, two longer outdoor runs along the lake, and gorgeous weather all weekend long.

I love turning the calendar from winter to spring, and to me, April feels like the real deal.  Tomorrow marks a new adventure for me, and I'm looking forward to the week and month ahead with excitement and curiosity.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Spring on Michigan Avenue
Spring outfit
his & hers pre-weekend purchase (whiskey + summer shandy)

we went to "beerfest" on saturday - this was Kona beer from Hawaii
("liquid aloha")
scott with his cousin, allison, and her boyfriend, dave
scottie at beerfest
beerfest was at union station, so i had to take a snapshot of the steps
since they reminded me of dan
(see #8 his interesting person interview)
first gelato of the season on saturday night -
sea salt carmel + cookies & cream

flaskin' it on the CTA (go ahead and judge)
ended the week with a sunday lakefront run 

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