Sunday, March 10, 2013

Scenes from a Week: March 10th Edition

I had a great week - filled with some great moments and memories, delicious food at home and away, and a renewed effort to wear all the clothes in my closet (haha).  A few snapshots below:

each article of clothing in the picture was at least 3 years
old... and the shirt/sweater were from college (!!)
asparagus with dinner on Tuesday
I hosted a girls night on Wednesday which included an
iPad FaceTime session - isn't technology awesome?
spring has sprung (at least at Home Depot, where I snapped these).
I think this is my spring uniform - white shirt, my mom's white watch,
denim and as much leopard as possible
a hilarious and awesome save-the-date from
Lindsey and Jamey (the date is officially saved!!)
a sale on blueberries meant that I ate an entire pint in
one day - yum city.


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