Sunday, March 3, 2013

Photos From a Week: March Third Edition

There is something about the calendar flipping from February to March that adds a little pep to my step - I think it's the feeling that spring is just around the corner.

Here are a few snapshots from the past week:

Green Tea and Spring Colors at J.Crew
Red wine and a roaring Friday night fire
Game night at Allison & Dave's house
Homemade waffles (made with Greek Yogurt instead of oil!) and my
Aunt Barb's famous Strawberry jam for Saturday brunch
Housewarming party, Prosecco and Scrabble on Saturday night
My hardworking studier
New blue nails (always blue nails)
Pretty bar backsplash (Sable)
Speaking of blue nails, my blue babes
the newest addition to the Special household - our pretty
closet light fixture

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