Friday, March 8, 2013

Interesting Person Interview Series: DFR Edition

I'd like to introduce you to my uncle Dan.  Dan lives in the Chicago suburbs, and in the summer of 2007, when I first moved to Chicago, I moved in with him and his wife for three months (best summer ever). Dan is literally THE reason that I am in the industry that I'm in professionally.  He was one of the first people I gave this blog link to, and he often sends me articles that make my blood boil, or inspire me to blog my opinion on different current events.  

Dan's interview, after the break:
1) What is your name, and who are you? 
My name is Dan Rank, the fourth child of Jeanne Marie (Raven) Rank and Gerald Rank

2)       How do you know Kate?  
Kate has never known life without me...Kate’s mom is my younger sister.  

3)       Tell me about a typical day in your life. 
I rise at 6am: goof, read the NY Times, work, goof, surf, go to bed by 10:30.

4)       What’s the most challenging part of your life (could be a pet peeve, a work or family issue, whatever).  
My life has had no challenges...I’ve never been hot, cold, hungry, sick, lonely.  I’ve never been (truly) afraid.  I’ve had a fun, interesting career that involved no heavy lifting and made lifelong friends in the process.  I’ve had more people love me, throughout my entire life, than seems possible.   Whew!

5)       What are you likely to be doing at 8pm on a Saturday night?  
Sitting at the bar at Roberto’s in Elmhurst with Barb drinking Chianti having just ordered some pasta.

6)       Paint me a picture of your life in five years.  
Five years from now I will be a member of a country club where I will be an active golfer, card player and man-about-town.  I will play tennis and belong to a tennis club.  I will be an active member of a fraternal order of some kind…I’ve seen first hand, from my dad, the benefit of belonging to a fraternal group.  I will join a motorcycle group that holds organized rides.  Finally, I THINK I will work but not the M-F grind kind of work.

7)       If you could be given any gift, what would it be?  
The gift I’d like is time; even though I have all the time there is I’d like a little more.

8)       What part of your morning routine do you consider essential?  
Every work morning I climb a large flight of stairs at Union Station; it’s a lot of stairs, it’s exhausting and a daily grind.  And every morning, as I’m feeling tired climbing these seemingly endless stairs, I think of my two grandfathers (Frank and Walter) and how much harder they worked than me.  It happens every morning I’m in Chicago and it allows me a brief moment to appreciate their hard work and my good fortune.   I look forward to climbing the steps…it’s essential on many levels.  

9)       What one deceased person would you like an hour with?  
One?  How about three?  Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, St. Augustine.

10)   If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you guy and why? Have you been there before?  
I’m a tennis buff.  There are four “Grand Slams” and I’ve been to two.  My retirement gift to myself is attending the other two:  Wimbledon and The Australian Open.  Barb wants to go too (I THINK she just wants to go to London and Melbourne) so pretty sure this will happen.

11)   You have ten minutes to give a speech to college seniors.  What do you talk about?  
The value of long-term thinking and saving.  It’s not about today; it’s about 10 years from today and what you have to do now to get there.

12)   What is your all-time favorite song?  
Easy:  The finale of Les Miserables.

13)   If you weren’t in your current occupation, what would you like to do? 
Rock ‘n’ Roll star (Bono comes to mind).

14)   Tell me about your family.  
Caring, crazy-busy, very private yet talkers all, loving, reliable (big time), lots of us, loud, fearless, serious, funny, hard working, no detail too small, tons-o-fun, supportive, religious, confident, distant, smart, good looking, rule-followers, obsessed with their off-spring.  I tell everyone:  (because of my family) I won the lottery on October 17, 1954 and I genuinely believe that.

15)   What do you “know now” that you wish you “knew then”?  
“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” Mahatma Gandhi.

Thanks, DFR!  

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  1. Sobbing. Isn't he cool? That's been my general impression of him for fifty-three years.

    1. Loved reading about the steps. What a helpful perspective.
      Thanks for sharing, Dan!
      See you at Roberto’s.



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