Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twenty Nine By 29 - 1/2 way point!

A little late on this post, but I'm halfway to twenty-nine and that means it's time to evaluate my list and refocus on the remaining items.  Here's a summary:

1) Visit Europe Venice 8/31-9/4Florence 9/4Rome 9/4-9/6

2) Try a new food that makes me squeamish 
I had the chance during Chicago's "Restaurant Week" but have yet to blog about it.  Stay tuned..

3) Finish my blog-biography
Making progress.  I have about two years left to go!

4) Run a half marathon
I am registered for Chicago's Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon in July and running 3-5x a week in preparation.  

5) Submit a piece of writing to something, somewhere
I've done exactly nothing for this goal.  I need to make it happen in the my second half of 28.

6) Cook an awesome meal in my own kitchen (with no helpers) 2/14/13

7) Roast marshmallows around a bonfire
We had plans to do this last August, but life and other plans got in the way.  My parents gave Scott and me camping gear for Christmas last year (including a two person sleeping bag, oohlala!) and we're dying to go camping with them.  Once this happens, marshmallows and a bonfire will occur.

8) Travel to a part of the US I've never been (Boston, St. Louis, Seattle, etc).  St. Louis 10/20/12
Done (technically). I went to the St. Louis area for Jill's October wedding, and it was lovely.  We were in St. Charles which is 30+ miles South of St. Louis and just picturesque.  I'd love to visit another area this year, so while this goal is technically completed, I wouldn't mind adding to it. 

9) Master a yoga position
I've been running more this year than in year's past, so yoga has kind of taken a back seat.  I would like to get back in to it, and I have the position to master picked out :)

10) See a country concert
Oh this will be fun.  I need to do this.

11) Dance in the rain
I need to do this!

12) Interview a series of interesting people for this blog Melissa 2/8/13My Mom 2/15/12
This has been a really fun (and ongoing!) blog goal.  I have the next couple weeks finalized, but would LOVE more people to be featured.  Feel free to visit the links above and submit your answers to theyearofthekate @!  They will be posted on some upcoming Friday :) 

13) Take a dance class
Oh man.  I need to do this.  I have a couple of good friends that take dance classes regularly, and I'd like to start joining them.

14) Watch the sunrise and the sunset
Whoopsie.  I've only had daily chances for the past six months.  :/

15) Perform a random act of kindness
I have some ideas, but haven't yet acted on them.

16) Take a picture by the Iowa and Illinois state borders/signs
Yes - this will be fun (and slightly embarrassing).

17) Take a boat ride Water Taxi 8/31Gondola 8/31, Venice Tour BoatArchitecture Tour

18) Finish watching Mad Men 12/1/12

19) Host a theme party 8/24/12

20) Go to New York with Scott
This one might not happen.  I've been to NY at 28, and Scott's likely going in May for his sister's graduation, but I am not sure that we'll be going together this year.  The summer is filling up already, and if we have time for a trip (a second anniversary getaway, perhaps!) then I'd probably rather go somewhere we haven't been.  Hmm.  

21) Complete the 30 day ab challenge
This is upcoming.

22) Pay off our car 10/12/12

23) Participate in Fantasy Football Fall 2012

24) Go skiing
Well crap.  Ski season is almost over.  We considered doing this on New Years Eve 2012, but due to some lingering knee issues for Scott, we decided against it.  So, now I should probably swap in a new goal for this one.  I'll think on this! 

25) Bake/cook something from my grandma's "From Thy Bounty" cookbook  11/12/12

26) Run 5+ races (more than I ran at 27)
I have already run two of the five - the Firefly Run 10K and the Hot Chocolate 5K.  I'm also already registered for the remaining three - the Shamrock Shuffle 8K the first weekend in April, the Chicago 1/2 Marathon in July, and the Rugged Maniac (with my parents!) the first weekend in August.  There are really fun themed races almost every week here in Chicago, so I'm guessing I'll add another couple races to the tally (Beer and Burgers 5K, Undie Dash, Beach Dash, etc). 

27) Take a spontaneous trip
I can't plan to do this, or it won't be spontaneous.  But I'll keep the idea on my radar.

28) Take my mom out to dinner (just the two of us)
This one will be pure fun.  I need to get this scheduled! 

29) Plan (and execute!) a surprise for someone
:)  (And that's all I'm going to say about this).

Looking at this list overall and there is about half left to do (on the bright side, I think that means I'm pacing well, eh?) but they look mostly attainable and I have renewed my focus on getting some of them cranked out.  

Thanks for reading! 


  1. It may not be a complicated yoga position, but what about one that would be good for your running muscles that you can do each night when you get done running?!



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