Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Restaurant Review: Cheesies

I bought a Groupon last Friday for a newish gourmet grilled cheese bistro in our neighborhood, called Cheesies.  Scott and I drive past it all the time, and for the past few months we'd been wanting to go.  The Groupon put me over the edge... it was a good deal - $17 for two grilled cheese sandwiches, two cups of soup, two domestic beers, and a shared side (a $40 value!)

Anyway, Scott and I went over the weekend and it was good.  I ordered the Napoleon which featured bacon and hot sauce, and Scott got the Classic, which had ham and bacon.  Scott wasn't wild about his, but I loved mine.  Scott's main gripe was the bread - there was too much of it, and it wasn't that good.  (I agree). The portion sizes were ginormous - we each brought home half of more of our meals.   Anyway, we liked Cheesies, and were glad to finally check it out.

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