Friday, February 22, 2013

Interesting Person Interview Series: Christine Edition

I'd like to introduce you to my amazing cousinfriend Christine.  I was planning to "introduce" you to Christine, but I have re-written the introduction no less than five times - and Christine summed it up much better than I could in her answer to #2 (below).  I will say (again) that everyone should have a Christine in their life.  

Her interview, after the break:

1)       What is your name, and who are you?
Christine. I'm a 28 year-old librarian/information manager at a small museum in Los Angeles, via Wisconsin-Chicago-Connecticut-Michigan.

2)       How do you know Kate?
As I said at her (your?) wedding, Kate is LITERALLY my first friend! She is my paternal cousin (is that a thing? paternal cousin?), three months and 11 days older, and also one of my best friends. Like I also said at her wedding, despite the fact that we've only lived in the same state for about two months and have spent most of our lives across the country from each other, through the joys of travel, family reunions, and the internet, we've managed to make some pretty awesome memories over the years.

3)       Tell me about a typical day in your life.
I'm having a really difficult time answering this question. I've gone through all of my answers to all of the questions again and again and this is the one question I really have no answer to. I suppose in a typical day I go to work. But even what happens there is never the same, not to mention anything other than that. So I guess, per Kate's instructions, this is a question that I'll allow myself to skip.

4)       What’s the most challenging part of your life (could be a pet peeve, a work or family issue, whatever).
It's probably not challenging, but I am TERRIBLE at responding to e-mails. Terrible. It takes pretty much all of my e-mail effort to stay on top of work e-mails, and that leaves very little left for personal e-mails (of which I get TONS, somehow). So, I'm sorry if you're waiting for an e-mail from me! It's probably faster to just call. Every week/month/year, I resolve to be better about it, but... nothing yet.

5)       What are you likely to be doing at 8pm on a Saturday night?
Making or eating dinner.

6)       Paint me a picture of your life in five years.
My life is pretty awesome and close-to-perfect as-is, honestly. I'm a pretty lucky person. I want to fill the next five years with travel, hard work, savings, family, friends, learning, cooking, cats - not necessarily in that order. And I want my life in five years to reflect growth and accomplishments in those areas (I don't really know what cat accomplishments exist, but I guess if my cats are still alive and kickin' in five years, that's pretty good).

I would also, specifically and superficially, like to be able to do a handstand, to brew my own beer, to be better at keeping plants alive, to have received zero speeding tickets/moving violations, to have conquered my intimidation of cooking fish, and to still laugh as much and have as much fun as I do and am now. I'm also looking forward to getting to know my nephew better, as he grows up and becomes a litle walking, talking human being (I'm much better with people than with babies, I think).

7)       If you could be given any gift, what would it be?
Cheap, instant travel. Like, snap my fingers, end up halfway across the country (or world). For free. With no time change.

If we're not talking some magic/scientific future, it would just be the free part of that. And maybe extra vacation time. I have so many people I love spread so far apart, and I think most of them like where they are as much as I like where I am. So something to allow all of these realities to peacefully co-exist in a better way would be fantastic.

8)       What part of your morning routine do you consider essential?
I'm not really a creature of habit. I guess feeding my kitties, because they need to be fed. Other than that, I can take or leave anything.

9)       What one deceased person would you like an hour with?
My maternal grandfather.

10)   If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you guy and why? Have you been there before?
Definitely not somewhere I've been before. Currently topping my list: Vietnam, Peru, Helsinki, Poland. Domestically, I would really like to go to Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City, and Savannah. (Sorry Kate, this is like 13 7 different answers.)

11)   You have ten minutes to give a speech to college seniors.  What do you talk about?
Do something. Anything. If you have NO IDEA what you want to do, that's okay. Just do SOMETHING. And you'll figure it out, or maybe you won't and that's okay too. But you have to do something, and you won't figure out what you want that something to be if you don't get started somewhere. Also, everywhere you go and everything you do will teach you stuff. So learn those lessons and one day they may come in handy in ways you never imagined.

Also, I have to respectfully disagree (!! sorrrrrrry) with my lovely host, because I would recommend taking at least a year between college and grad school to be in the real world. At least a year. I think the skills you learn in that first year on your own (really on your own, in a way that is so fundamentally different than being in college) are invaluable. Having been in grad school and currently being in a position where I often have grad students as interns, the difference between the ones who took time off and didn't is marked and in favor of those who did.

12)   What is your all-time favorite song?
Impossible. (MMMbopossible?)
{Note from Kate: this answer made me laugh out loud.  I would also like to mention that Christine and I saw Hanson at the House of Blues in Chicago a few short years ago.  Amazing).

13)   If you weren’t in your current occupation, what would you like to do?
I have no idea. Something similar, where I'm around interesting people, where I have some flexibility, where every day is different and sort of crazy. Where I'm working for an organization whose beliefs I agree with and that is doing something I value. Where I'm learning new things and facing new challenges regularly, and where I'm surrounded by people who believe that I can meet those challenges.

14)   Tell me about your family.
They're the best and I'm lucky to get to spend as much time with them as I do and I wish it could be even more.

15)   What do you “know now” that you wish you “knew then”?
It's not over til it's over. Don't take life so seriously. Appreciate everything. Say "yes" more. Something along those lines. Life as absurd, so just roll with that. Stop freaking out. As the guy working at the gas station told me once in high school, re: money I was spending on cinnamon tic tacs (my favorite candy): "you can't take it with you when you go."

Thanks, Christine!  

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  1. My takeaway from this is that I need to be more like Christine. This was so much fun to read!


    1. MATT! Thank you! I hope to have one of yours to read soon.......!

  2. Christine seems like an interesting, fun, curious, well-adjusted, even-keeled person. Her Dad must be an amazing person.

  3. Christine! I'm just now reading your interview and I was literally laughing out loud at several of your answers (my co-worker asked me what I was reading that was so funny. HA)! You have such a great perspective on life and your answers were SO fun to read. I agree with Matt - I want to be more like you too! :)


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