Saturday, February 16, 2013

6) Cook an awesome meal in my own kitchen

Number six on my Twenty Nine by 29 list is to cook an awesome meal in my kitchen with no helpers, and on Valentine's Day (as Scott's Valentine's miracle gift) I did just that.

In January, it occurred to me that I should make Scott a meal in lieu of a Valentine's Day gift.  I mentioned that to my mom, and she suggested a recipe that she knew of for a relatively easy version of chicken enchiladas.  My objective was to make something that was relatively easy, but had a component that was just outside of my comfort zone.  This fit the bill.  The bulk of the recipe was easy-peasy, but I'll admit that I've never made chicken, and the thought was scary to me... and yes, gross.

Anyway, I did it.  And it was both delicious and edible (the double whammy).  The recipe I worked from is here.  In true "chef" fashion, I made a few modifications, and would modify further next time (jalepenos could make a nice edition, and I'd likely add more sauce).


a side of guacamole to butter-up scott's taste buds
finished product
Number six is ticked off the ol' list.. and more importantly: happy Valentine's Day, Scott!  

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