Sunday, January 27, 2013

on feminism and choices

The other day my mother-in-law shared an image that someone else posted on Facebook affirming Roe v. Wade.  It had the caption "let's keep a woman's right to choose between her and her healthcare provider".

It had a few comments from friends and relatives, things like "too bad the unborn children don't have the same rights" or "no Christian would support this".

Well, I'm Christian and I support it.  I recognize that some reading this might find me a bad Catholic, and frankly.... I don't care.   (By the way, making that judgment probably makes you a bad Catholic).  27% of abortions were done to mothers that are Catholic  (more than 1 in 4!) so I'm certainly not alone in my thinking.

 I thought I had blogged about this before, but I searched through the archives and couldn't find it, so here I am.

I am a Catholic, and I support abortion.  Kind of an inflammatory statement, but dramatic and strong and that's how I intended it... though it is a bit misleading.  No one truly supports abortion.  Abortion doesn't make me happy, and it doesn't make the women having them happy either.   While it's certainly misused, I do believe that overall abortion is exactly how it's intended - a last resort for women who desperately need one.   I have never been in that position, but I can close my eyes and imagine the despair, the fear.  I support legal and safe abortions, and I believe in a woman's right to choose.

I can understand the comment about "too bad the unborn children don't have the same rights", but it's a scientifically weak one, in my opinion.  88 percent of abortions happen during the first trimester, a point in development where the fetus is a cluster of cells, and without the mother as a host-organism, not one that is supportive of life.  I think it's wrong to prioritize the rights of the cluster of cells over the life of the mother.

As a woman, I can't imagine not supporting a woman's right to choose.  I am the authority on my body, and what it does and what it gets to do.  Me.  And when I want a second opinion, I don't look to my Catholic leadership... I look my doctor.


  1. Just curious...where does your mother stand on this issue?

    1. I'll ask her... and suggest that she add her 2c if she's comfortable doing that.

      In general I'm probably a bit more liberal than her, but the core things that are important to me I definitely learned from her.

    2. Yes, I would be curious to see how she feels on this situation. Especially because she chose life with all of her children.

    3. Unless you are my mom, Anonymous, I'm not sure how you know that.

      Women's reproductive rights are both private and personal, which contributes to the reason that I feel so strongly about the right of women to make their own choices.

      Thanks for reading Anonymous. :)

  2. I am Kate's Mother In Law and I would like to comment here. First I would like to commend Kate on her blog. It is hard to put yourself out there for all to comment and criticize! And secondly Roe vs Wade is not about abortion! It is about granting a person (in this case women)the right to make decisions for themselves without the intervention of any one else! Plain and simple. If you are a woman and you believe you can decide what is best for you, the you agree with the Supreme court.


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