Tuesday, December 11, 2012

on dr. steil

I received some terrific news last Friday.  My younger brother (the youngest Maloney Steil child) has been accepted to the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.  

Austin is an exceptionally hard worker.  From running to organic chemistry to the DAT, Austin knows what he wants and focuses on getting from here to there.  And on Friday, he found out that he IS there  (or, will be, next fall).   It's a big win for a lot of reasons, and selfishly I'm thrilled that he'll be relatively close to home (which means that I'll have more chances to see him).  I'm also so glad that he's going to be spending time on the UI campus, where I had so many adventures in college.  (Although something tells me that Dent school requires a bit more, ehhm, classroom time than my Political Science degree did).  

Anyway, I am thrilled for Austin, and so excited to have a dentist in the family!

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