Sunday, December 30, 2012

on christine and jen

Two of my favorite people in the entire world visited me the other night: Christine and Jen.  They got to town around six, and brought Scott and me two very nice bottles of delicious booze.  (You know us so well).  Have you ever heard of them?  RumChata and Loopy (like Fruit Loops) Vodka.  If you mix them together, it takes like Fruit Loopy milk deliciousness.  So good.  We each had one shot of it (don't worry Mom, we sipped it).  Anyway, delicious.  

Then we sat around and chatted for a while (and yes, had some wine) before moving the party to my brother's place.  Kelly's family was in town (wedding dress shopping!!) and so we all got to hang out together.  (Kelly's mom and Jenifer re-bonded over my #*($* wedding dress bustle :) 

It was an interesting group to all be together - we'd technically all been in the same room before (at Scott and my wedding!) but now we were able to really all get to know each other and bond.  And we'll all be together again on 10.12.13!

I thought that we'd be over there for just a little bit - enough time to see the new condo and the awesome rooftop view and say a quick hello... but we had so much fun we were there for hours.  By this point it's closing in on 11pm, and the BYOB Thai place that Scott and I had thought of bringing J&C for dinner was closing... so on to plan B.  Scott spotted this hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot nearby, and we decided to make it happen.  It was surprisingly good, and beyond entertaining (although the entertainment was all us).

Anyway, anyone would be lucky to have cousins like mine.  Nights like that are good for the soul - laughing until your face hurts, making memories with family.  It's one of the best blessings in my life: having family that is also friend.


  1. I'm so glad you guys stopped by! It was fun having everyone here and drinking wine! Oh, and I'm in love with this picture of you and Christine. It's priceless and so perfect.

  2. My head hurt more from that night than my 23rd birthday. Just saying ;)


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