Monday, December 31, 2012

on baby kanye / kardashian

I awoke this morning to the news:  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby.  Kim is pregnant.

The world is funny.  It's a main article on CNN.  The headline is blaring on, US Weekly, TMZ.  The list goes on.  This is a woman that people look up to - and what's she famous for?  Being Paris Hilton's former pal?  Having a now-infamous sex tape?  But saying she hasn't worked FOR the fame, doesn't mean she's not worked IT.  She seems to have the hustle that's required for all of sales... and isn't that what she and her sisters do?  Sell themselves?  Sell the Kardashian name, the Kardashian life, the Kardashian brand?

She was married (not to Kanye) almost three months after I married Scott.  She's now in the process of divorcing him, and is pregnant with another man's baby.  That's a lot of love, a lot of change, a lot of highs and lows, in the space of 16 months.

I'm very liberal - I don't think marriage is a required ingredient, necessarily, for a family.  I would be thrilled for a happy friend delivering baby news to me, regardless of her marital status.  So that's not why this leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  It's the timing, it's the fact that it's Kim Kardashian, it's his "gold digger" song, it's that she's married to someone else.  The one Kardashian sister that is married is the only one struggling with infertility as she tries to start a family.... and the other two Kardashians are now having babies before marriage.  I dunno.

A baby is a blessing, surely, but it just seems... kinda sad.

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