Sunday, December 9, 2012

Brewery Tour

Scott and I joined a few friends yesterday for a Brewery Tour across Chicago.  We started at Atlas Brewery on Lincoln Avenue, where we had pizza, beer, and four tasters.  (We also got to make pretzel necklaces:)

Then we all boarded a trolley with to-go cups in tow.

Our second spot was called Finch's Brew Co., were we tried a big Pale Ale.  (There were two varieties, I tried the green and Scott had the heavier Red - both delicious).

I really liked this place.  We got a tour and a tutorial about how they make beer and what ingredients are used (water, yeast, hops, barley and malt!).  It was interesting.  This particular brewery doesn't have a tasting room, but their beer is available at places like Binny's and different bars across Chicagoland.

Our third and final stop was at Moonshine on Division in Wicker Park.  Their beer was awesome.  I loveeeed it, especially their "White Lightning" and Cider.  Highly recommend, and can't wait to go back for dinner and a few of those sometime soon.  

We bought the tickets as a promotion on Living Social, and it was a great thing to do on a chilly Saturday.  I love buying tickets on Living Social (or Groupon) because it's a great way to try different activities that you wouldn't otherwise do, and often at a good price.

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