Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Recap: Black Wednesday

Thanksgiving 2012 was an especially great 48 hours.  Scott and I arrived in Iowa late evening, and went almost immediately over to Steve & Joni's house (my aunt and uncle).  They have a full size bar (19 bar stools!) in their basement, and the party was hopping.

There was tons of baby talk, because there were two new(ish) moms there, and I'm like a sponge soaking  up as much information as I can get my hands on.  My cousin Megan is a great resource to me because she is so well educated on being a new mom, and because she's both informative and non-judgmental.  I can see myself keeping her on speed dial when my time comes.

There was also lots of wedding talk, because Matt and Kelly are in full-wedding planning mode (more on that later).  Kelly is probably the most gracious bride ever - she seems to genuinely want other opinions and feedback.  It was very fun talking weddings with her and the other girls gathered around.  Megan and Joni even had champagne for a special toast to the bride and groom.

We celebrated Ryan's (my cousin Megan's husband) birthday a couple days early. 

We played hilarious games - like one where you try to blow a golf ball between two shot glasses.  We drank too many Bud Light's and reminisced and took photos.  It was a great night and a perfect way to spend "Black Wednesday" 

I love my family.

PS: Notice that some of the photos are edited kind of differently?  I'm just getting in to Instagram but I looove it.  Find me there, I am MaloneySpecial

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  1. that was a fun night. and this post made me smile. :)

    p.s. i love that you're on instagram now!


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