Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 Recap: Black Friday

On Black Friday, Ian came over in the morning to see us all while we were home.  We had brunch together, and then Scott and I hit the road with my brother Joe.  We were taking him to catch a train in Chicago which would take him back to Milwaukee.  (He works a crazy demanding job so he needed to be back in time to get some work done).

We swooped back out to the suburbs to visit another part of our family, my aunt and uncle and three awesome cousinfriends.  (This is the part of the family who literally took me in to their home when I first moved to Chicagoland).  I was excited to see all of them, but especially excited to meet my cousin Laura's little boy, William.  He was only two months old and cute as a button.

Scott and I each held him and got some great photos during our snuggle sessions.  (I got some crazy cute ones of Scott and Will which I'll post later this week).   It didn't hurt that William was dressed adorably in a teeny little flannel shirt.  Too cute.

Then we feasted on an unbelievable spread.  It was so good to see my cousins and awesome aunt/uncle.  Christine was in from Los Angeles, Jenifer from the Quad Cities and Laura/William from Dubuque.  It was amazing to see them.

Christine's birthday was Thanksgiving day, so we celebrated that a bit with a delicious angel food cake and fresh berries.  Yum.

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