Thursday, November 15, 2012

Quote of the Day: Lee Brice Edition

There are those who take it slow and steady, I aim to keep it between the lines
line up their ducks before they're ready, I'll have no regrets when it comes my time
Life's never dealt me any aces, but I'm all in double-down no fear
I'll take years off my life, before I take life off of my years
- Lee Brice, Life Off My Years 

This song is exactly what I needed to read this week.  I need some change in my life right now.  

Change of direction, a haircut, a change of routine... something.  I have a little bit of quiet discontentment right now, when I really have nothing to be unhappy about.  It seems a little self indulgent to even be thinking this way - isn't pretty good good enough?  But there's just something off. And it's hard to pinpoint where the issue is.  It's not work, it's not home, it's not weekdays, it's not weekends.  It's just there.

I just feel like I need a little something more right now.  Something more exciting, more fun.  More exhilarating.  

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