Friday, November 16, 2012

On Thanksgiving: Part One

After an especially long week of work, Scott and I came home tonight to the following envelope:

Food for today, hope for tomorrow.  From the Lakeview Food Pantry.  They were soliciting donations, in any amount, to help keep food on the tables of people in our community.   The letter said that their most recent audit shows that "89 percent of revenue goes directly to our program" and that every $1 donated to the Pantry allows them to buy 10 pounds of food.  

A $50 donation allows them to give a two-week supply of groceries to four families.  Can you believe that - $50 to feed four families for two weeks.  

Scott immediately got out our checkbook.  

Putting food in the mouths of people that are in need is something that I believe in with my whole heart.  I believe it is not just an obligation, but a privilege.  And the fact is that when my family needed a boost twenty-some years ago, we received one.  So in some ways this is kismet, the circle of life and community and kindness.  A way to give back and take care of someone and be taken care of.

$50 is a nice dinner and drinks out for two.  Once.  And it feeds four families for two weeks.  Four families for two weeks.

So this weekend, instead of eating a meal or two out, that's what Scott and I are doing.  And if you're so inclined to join me, well:

Or find the food pantry in your neighborhood.

Happy Thanksgiving week.  Let's take care of each other.

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