Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

Yesterday I voted for Barack Obama.  (No surprise there).  I was proud to do it.  I was glad to have the right to do it.

Scott and I both woke up early, and voted on our ways to work (we went separately cause of timing). Our polling place was three blocks from our front door, and I got there around 7:30am.  I took my place in line, and after about 15 minutes, was able to cast my vote.

Afterward, I felt good.  Inspired, empowered, and hopeful.

I got home around 7pm (after a longer-than-normal commute home from work due to my candidate being in town) and immediately turned on the coverage.  (Actually, that’s a lie.  Scott and I watched an episode of Homeland first).  I remembered so clearly being at Grant Park with Melissa four years ago, and the sense of hope and optimism and electricity that we witnessed.  And I felt the same emotions in the middle of my living room.  Hope for the next four years.  Empowered by exercising my right to vote.  Excited for what the night might bring.

As the states were announced, I grew more and more confident.  “It’s in the bag” I texted my mom.  “Game over, Mitten!” Minnesota, New Hampshire for the win.  North Carolina and Alabama for the other guy.  I was ecstatic when Iowa went Obama for the second election in a row. 

And finally, word spread across NBC and CNN and finally Fox News.  Four more years.

I sobbed in my living room, much the way I did four years ago, tears of joy and excitement and hope and relief.

“We came out, fought back, changed the world. Miles to go. But tonight take a moment to marvel at how far we've come” – Dan Savage

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  1. Mitt lost the state in which he was born, the state in which he was governor and the three states in which he owns homes.


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