Monday, November 12, 2012

25) Bake/cook something from my grandma's "From Thy Bounty" cookbook

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to bake a cake for my Dad's 60th birthday celebration.  I wanted to do something kind of special (sixty is a big birthday!) but didn't know what to make, so I was flipping through Grandma's cookbook when I stumbled across "Shawn's Wacky Cake".   Perfect.

The Wacky Cake is the cake that I grew up eating - a birthday tradition in the Staloney family which started in my dad's family years ago.  The cake has no eggs, and no milk, so it's a Depression-era dessert, and is truly delicious.

I was a little leery about making it.  First of all, it was probably the second time I've ever baked something in my kitchen.  And secondly, it's a dessert that my mom is a master of making. 

But I must say that it turned out nicely!  I made a super-easy three-ingredient homemade frosting to go with it, and the best news was that the cake was edible!  (Well, everyone ate it at least) :)


  1. So good! You should make it again soon and have your favorite Chicago neighbors over to eat it! :)


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