Sunday, November 11, 2012

an evening at Maywood

On Friday night, Scott and I joined his parents and a few other relatives at Maywood, a horse racing stadium in the Chicago suburbs.  It was our second time going together, and it's definitely a unique experience.  Your admission gets you a ticket for the buffet dinner, as well as unlimited cocktails for several hours.

I must admit, gambling isn't typically my thing.  If I'm going to throw money away, so to speak, I prefer other silly activities, like getting a manicure or going shopping.  It's just more my style.  But Scott enjoys it, and it's nice to get together with his family.  So off we went on Friday night.

I started to learn a little about horse racing and how to read the program (how much money each horse had made to-date, how to see the horse's age, etc) before I decided to bet on the horses who had names that I liked.  The first time I tried that tactic, I bet on a horse called "CR Jackpot" and it's obvious why I picked that one ("CR" meaning "Cedar Rapids"to me).... and much to my surprise - BOOM! - I won $18!  (For that brief moment, I saw the appeal of gambling!)  I went on to win three other times, for $9, $2.40 and $2.80 respectively) for a grand total of just over $30.

I discovered that I am a low-stakes gambler, betting $2 per round at the very most, and doing low-risk, higher-likelihood wages like betting that a horse would be somewhere in the top three rather than betting that a certain horse would be number one, or betting on three horses that I thought would all place in the top three.

 After my first win, I texted my mom that I am officially a "Jeanne".  (My middle name is after my grandma Jeanne and my aunt Laurie Jeanne, both of whom enjoy a night at the casino).

Anyway, it was a fun evening - made even more fun because of my winnings :)

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