Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Photos of the Day: White House Edition

For my Grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary I wrote in to the White House (duh) to request a written recognition of their 65 years together.  I knew that the WH provided this because I'm tight with Barack and Michelle Scott and his parents had this done for me on the occasion of our wedding.

So a month or two before the anniversary, I wrote in.  And lo and behold, an official-looking letter came to my doorstep with their name on it.  (Scott asked me why I didn't have it sent directly to them... and the answer is I have no idea.  Didn't even cross my mind?)  Anyway, I did a little happy dance in the elevator and was thrilled to send it off to them.  I don't have a clue what the inside said because I didn't open it, but since I am such a big fan of our President, it was a joy for me to do for them. 

PS: Has it been obvious the past few days that I just sorted through the photos on my computer?  I realized I had so many photos that I had never blogged and I figured this was as good a time as any :)

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