Saturday, October 6, 2012

one man's trash..

As Scott and I were leaving home the other weekend (on our way to the Firefly Run actually) we brought some trash down to our dumpster, and Scott noticed this awesome kind of retro silver fan in the trash.  It looked pretty cool, but we had no idea if it worked, and we had a tight timeline to get to the race.  Plus, it was in the trash.  (!!)  We decided if it was still there when we got back from the race, we'd investigate it further.

Lo and behold, it was still there, so we went dumpster diving saved it from the trash can and brought it upstairs.  After cleaning it off a little, we plugged it in and - voila.  It worked perfectly.  And in fact - it looked perfect in our home.  I will admit that we scrubbed the daylights out of it, but now we have this retro-modern fan and it looks much better than any of the random box fans that we had laying around.

So, what do you think?  Weird that we found it in the trash?  Some kind of cool recycling?

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