Tuesday, October 16, 2012

on who i'm voting for

I am voting for Barack Obama.

To me, my vote is a no brainer.  I dislike Mitt Romney both personally and politically, I dislike what his religion stands for, and I dislike his vision for America.  But it's not just choosing the lesser of two evils, as someone said on Facebook.  I like President Obama.  I believe in him.  As a dedicated democrat, my views align closely with his.  And I believe in what he stands for and how he intends to achieve it.

Women's Rights. I will never give my vote to someone who wishes to take away the right I have to make decisions for my own body. I am completely pro-choice.  (And for the record, pro-choice does not equal pro-abortion).  My body - and my right to make the decisions that are right for me - should not be up for discussion. 

Gay Rights.  I believe gay people should have the same rights to marriage (yes, marriage - not civil unions) as heterosexuals. 

Welfare.  I believe that it is the obligation of society to help those among us who need a hand.  (Sidebar: in tonight's debate Romney said that when Obama took office that 32 million people were using foodstamps, and that it's gone up to 47 million.  The implication was that this was a bad thing, but frankly, I am thrilled that we're feeding another 15 million.  I would like to feed anyone - anyone - that is hungry.  Scott and I donate to exactly two charities, and one is the Greater Chicago Food Depository.   Further, for one out of every six Americans, "hunger is a reality"  so I am pleased that we as Americans are feeding the hungry).  

Healthcare.  I believe in affordable healthcare for all - not just those that can afford it, and I believe that Obamacare is a giant leap in the right direction.  

Jobs.  There have been 31 consecutive months of job growth, and I believe that Obama is the right person to continue the trend.  I understand that the job market is tough right now, and that it's more competitive than ever, but I believe that more jobs will be created in an Obama administration than a Romney administration.

There is so much more that someone could say about the candidates.  National security.  Foreign relations.  Immigration.  Taxes.  Education.  But the fact is, even without taking the time to spell out an exhaustive list, I trust President Obama.  I believe that he will make good and informed decisions for Americans.  The bottom line is that I believe that four more years of President Obama will make America better and stronger than four years of Mitt Romney.

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