Tuesday, October 2, 2012

double date & hala kahiki

On Friday night Scott and I joined his cousin Lindsey and her boyfriend Jamey for a double date in River Grove.  We started the night at Hala Kahiki which is this crazy tiki-hut / Hawaiian bar in the middle of Chicagoland.  I had a banana daiquiri and some other crazy and delicious Hawaiian-inspired drink.

As we were preparing to leave, our server (who Lindsey knew!) brought us four delicious flaming shots.  Scott and I are suckers for any kind of flaming drink, so this was totally up our alley.  As the server lit them, I reached for my camera and somehow got this awesome photo:  

How cool does that look?!

After Hala Kahiki, we tried to go to the Moose Lodge (love) but it was after midnight so it was closed.  Instead, we found ourselves at this hilariously awesome bar a few blocks away where the bartender was chain smoking along with about 90% of the patrons.  The music was Karaoke and the patrons were blasting hilarious karaoke songs.  It was such a memorable place and night.

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  1. Thanks for driving out and visiting us! And grab job catching those flame. :)

    Start thinking of some dates for us to come out to your neck of the woods!


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