Friday, October 5, 2012

Bucket List

I love having a blog which began as a place for me to make goals and acheive them on a yearly basis, but I've found that my goals are all a little more attainable as the years go by (you'll notice I didn't put "quit diet coke" on this year or last years sheet, for example) because it's more realistic to have do-able goals which take one swoop to achieve.  But that doesn't leave a spot for any big picture thoughts - so I thought I'd start compiling those in a list.  By no means is the list comprehensive.  Isn't the whole point to keep adding to it?  These might not be achieved today or tomorrow or next year or the year after... but they are things I'd like to accomplish and do and see and be at some point during my life.  Wish me luck.

- Visit Paris
- Visit London
- Run a marathon
- Become a mother
- Have a yard
- Have my own car (Scott's Scion doesn't count)
- Travel to Asia
- Get front row tickets to a show
- Go to a midnight showing of a movie
- Own a washer/dryer (something tells me this may be achieved at the same time as the yard)
- Bake a wacky cake
- Become an aunt and an "aunt"
- Go to a baseball game at Fenway
- Go to a super bowl, preferably where my team is playing
- Write a book
- Donate my hair to Locks of Love or similar
- Volunteer for a political campaign
- Have thoughtful and matching "couple costumes" for Halloween
- Bring something homemade to Rank Family Christmas
- Take a photography class
- Open a college savings fund for my children
- Participate in a dance-off

Alright, what am I missing?

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  1. Ooh! Not that your askin'...but I can help you with several of these if you want...


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