Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quote of the Day: The Script

"In the future these will be the good ol' days" - The Script, Good Ol' Days

I love the Script, and bought the entire album (called #3) literally the day that I heard about it.  I turned it on yesterday, and  listened to it straight through, every single song without skipping a beat.

The Script are spectacular story tellers through their music, and through the songs you can just picture them - in love, in loss, in life.

There were several songs in particular that resonated with me, the strongest being "if you could see me now" and I think it will hit many people who have lost loved ones.  There's a lyric about how "I still look for your face in the crowd" which just killed me.  The song was described as a page from the diary of one of the band members, who lost both parents when he was 12.

Just love the album.

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