Thursday, September 6, 2012

Italy 2012: Venice - Day One

We arrived in Venice after a quick layover in Rome, and continued toward the city (like many cities the airport is set a bit outside the city center). Unlike other cities, though, is that unlike a train or bus or taxi... we took a boat to the front door of our hotel!

After checking in and learning about the intricacies of the hotel (apparently its common to be required to leave your hotel at the front desk at European hotels) we ventured out for our first real Venice experience. We were hungry, so after walking around in awe found a plaza for pizza. :)

I really can't go any further without mentioning how beautiful Venice is. It was truly breathtaking- every corner more beautiful than the last and so unique with the water and canals and bridges.

After that first lunch, my adrenaline had worn off and I could hardly keep my eyes open so I convinced Scott that a power nap was in order (he was so ready to explore the city but I simply could not keep my eyes open).

After a fast nap, we were off to our first tour - Hidden Venice by Night. It was fabulous and I highly recommend it! It was a mix of Venetian history and sightseeing, where we could ask questions and really start to get a understanding of how to navigate the city- for example he showed us the popular area for the younger crowd, and you better believe we came back the next evening.

At the end of the tour we took a gondola ride - something I had really, really been looking forward to. It did not disappoint and was something I can cross off of my lifetime bucket list.

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