Saturday, September 8, 2012

Italy 2012 - Florence

We had only about six hours in Florence, but it's a relatively small city so it was a fine amount of time. We originally planned to go straight from Venice to Rome but on the urging of just about everyone, we added Florence as a pit stop. That meant that we had to do Florence on a Monday, though, the day that museums are closed so we did not get to see the David (hey, a reason to come back:)

We explored the many markets, I contemplated a pair of leather sandals, we ate lunch in a plaza, and walked about ten miles looking at gardens, shops and statues. We eventually ended up at the Ponte Vecchio which was picturesque and serene, despite the throngs of tourists snapping photos and eating gelato. Speaking of which, we bought some delicious gelato ion our way back to the train.

The trains we took were easy to navigate, clean, had free bathrooms, and even had power outlets (so I recharged the iPad).

Ninety minutes later, the train arrived in Roma!

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