Saturday, September 1, 2012

Italy 2012: Flight

So the thing that most freaked me out about a Europe trip was (and this is a little embarrassing) the thought of flying over the ocean. And now that I've done it, I can safely say: no big deal.

We flew Alitalia and loved it. Dinner was served an hour or so in to the flight (a delicious pasta dish for me and a hot beef for Scott) along with two complimentary glasses if delicious wine. After that it was lights out and we tried (with only marginal success) to get a few winks.

To me, the highlight of the flight came toward morning... The lights flicked on and I opened the window shade to city lights below. Holy $@&%- I am in Europe!

I'm hoping to blog our trip as it happens, but I'm not very quick on the touchscreen and I'm not sure how easy wireless access will be. Heres hoping though :)


  1. AHHHHH!!!!! cheers to you in Italy!!! Having fun reminiscing about labor day weekend 2011! <3<3

  2. and miss you two! So glad the trip is going so well. I want details upon your return!


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