Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twenty Nine by 29

1) Visit Europe Venice 8/31-9/4, Florence 9/4, Rome 9/4-9/6
2) Try a new food that makes me squeamish  2/2/13
3) Finish my blog-biography July 2013
4) Run a half marathon 7/21/13
5) Submit a piece of writing to something, somewhere
6) Cook an awesome meal in my own kitchen (with no helpers) 2/14/13
7) Participate in a bonfire 7/13/13
8) Travel to a part of the US I've never been (Boston, St. Louis, Seattle, etc).  St. Louis 10/20/12
9) Master a yoga position
10) See a country concert 7/19/13
11) Dance in the rain
12) Interview a series of interesting people for this blog Yes!
13) Take a dance class
14) Watch the sunrise and the sunset  Sunset - done!
15) Perform a random act of kindness 4/6/13-4/8/13
16) Take a picture by the Iowa and Illinois state borders/signs
17) Take a boat ride Water Taxi 8/31, Gondola 8/31, Venice Tour Boat, Architecture Tour
18) Finish watching Mad Men 12/1/12
19) Host a theme party 8/24/12
20) Go to New York with Scott  November 2012, April 2013
21) Complete the 30 day ab challenge
22) Pay off our car 10/12/12
23) Participate in Fantasy Football Fall 2012
24) Go skiing Make a blog improvement 3/20/13
25) Bake/cook something from my grandma's "From Thy Bounty" cookbook  11/12/12
26) Run 5+ races (more than I ran at 27) 1: Firefly 10K 9/15/12 2: Hot Chocolate 5K 11/4/12;  3: Rave Run 4/30/13, 4: Burgers & Beers 5K 7/15/13; 5: Rock & Roll Half Marathon 7/21/13
27) Take a spontaneous trip 7/1/13
28) Take my mom out to dinner (just the two of us) 7/13/13
29) Plan (and execute!) a surprise for someone Done!

So!  What do you think?  Anyone up for joining me on a few of these?

Thanks for reading my corner of the internet.  My blog started three years ago today (on my 25th birthday!) and writing it has been a true joy in my life, and an amazing way to capture the experiences I've had along the way.  Thank you for reading!


  1. ONLY 3 suggestions:

    8) replace StL with Miami (StL sucks). Add SF too.
    15) add the word "anonymous" before the word kindness
    20) Reading # 20 makes me wonder if Scott is part of # 8?

    1. I love the suggestions! I've been to Miami & SF though... any other reccos for other great US cities? (I think I'm going to STL for a wedding, so that one may stay:)

      Oh, and not sure about Scott and #8 - maybe he'll be joining me and maybe not!

  2. Happy 28th Birthday! Certainly hope we have been a part of helping you achieve at least one of your wish to do lists each year! Love, Dee and Tom My suggestion : don't plan to end your blog-biography at 30! thats when life is just beginning!

    1. Thanks!

      And don't you worry... just because I finish (or, catch up on) the blog bio doesn't mean I''m going to stop living :)

  3. Personally, I LOVED St. Louis!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    1. LOL! Maybe I'll weigh in on this if I go!

  4. I know this is YOUR list, and I really, really like it! So you know - if you want another buddy, I'm up for helping/enjoying with you everything but 21 and 22 - just sayin'!

    1. HAHA!

      I thought of you specifically for 28 (obvs) and 6, 7, 12, 25. (And most of the others, hah!) :)

  5. I'll do a 5k with you! Bucktown 5k is coming up...if you want to squeeze one in this fall. Also, I would love to attend a theme party...I see a nice Mad Men one at your place :)


    1. oooh i love it. mad men theme party - fab idea!!!

  6. #4: Half Marathon!! I cannot wait to share in this terrifying, yet amazing experience with you. Cheers to keeping our toenails!! -ae


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