Sunday, July 1, 2012

cubs bleachers

Though Scott has lived in Chicago for the majority of his life, he's never been to the Cubs bleachers.

The bleachers definitely have pros and cons - they are easy to go to in groups, because it's general admission seating, so everyone can buy their own ticket and not worry about sitting in close proximity to each other because you just show up and grab a seat.  (That's also the main "con" IMO because I HATE general admission).  Anyway, we went to the Cubs bleachers this weekend on one of the hottest days of the year (95 degrees) and it was such a fun afternoon.

Of course, we had to start the day off with traditional cubs drinks: 

Old Style for those that could handle it, and a Bloody Mary for those (me) that could not.

We wanted to get good seats, so we got to Wrigley about 90 minutes before game time.   We watched batting practice, and then a good game.   Bonus: Cubs won!

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