Saturday, July 28, 2012

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

So.  50 Shades.  I mentioned earlier this summer that I wanted to read the book but that since I refused to pay $15 of my hard earned cash on glorified literal literotica, I was waiting for a friend to loan it to me or to get if from the long waiting list at the library.  A friend gave it to me on Tuesday… and I returned the 400+ page book on Wednesday.  Finished.

I think a review of this book would be remiss to start with anything other than sex.  Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.  I would estimate that approximately 75%+ of the text in the book is dedicated to Anastasia and Christian’s sex life… in graphic detail.  I knew the premise of the book going in – and I’m no prude – but I was still shocked by the amount of sex.  And by how detailed the descriptions were.  To be honest, about 50 pages in I started skimming some of those scenes.  I mean, I don't need any more details on how good lucking Christian Grey is or how bumbling and innocent Anastasia Steele is was.   I get it already!

I don’t want to give much away, but I will say that I enjoyed the plot line (er, the plot line that escapes in between all the sexin’) and the chemistry between Anastasia and Christian.  Is it far fetched?  Yes.  Is it enjoyable?  Yes.  Were there parts that I was uncomfortable reading?  Err, no, but the book is definitely rated NC17.  Or XXX if you will.

My main criticism of the book wasn’t the sex, or the dominant/submissive relationship or any of that (as a “feminist” I believe that it is just as acceptable of a choice for anyone to make).  Rather, my main criticism was the writing and language.  I had been warned about the writing style, but c'mon.... a 12 year old me could have edited this thing more effectively.  The author is CLEARLY British, and writing from that POV, which is fine - but the entire time I pictured both Christian and Anastasia speaking in British accents.  I mean, what 22 year old Seattle resident is going to describe her outfit as “smart”?  I also wish the author would invest in a thesaurus… how many times are you going to tell us that Christian “beguiles” Anastasia, or call him the same three adjectives.

I'll admit it: I really liked the book and cannot wait to read the other two (any Chicagoans out there own them that I can borrow?)  I also think this book would be a fabulous bachelorette gift (perfect beach reading, and perfect honeymoon reading).

To sum up: I would highly recommend this book.  Unless you’re related to me, then please steer clear. :)

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