Monday, June 4, 2012

Jane's Bachelorette Party: 6.2.12

After the bridal shower, we transitioned in to a different type of event - a bachelorette party extravaganza.  There were eight cousinfriends present, and about the same amount of Jane's friends, and the group of us started with a fun honeymoon shower, champagne, spiked punch and games at the house, and then headed to downtown Minneapolis to part-ay.  

And did we ever.  I'm not sure the dance floor of the Pourhouse will ever be the same.  The bar was playing great dance music, and then a live band took over.  At first I was a little apprehensive about the live band - but they were FABULOUS.  They played all kinds of hits (Walkin' in Memphis, Wagon Wheel, etc) and we rocked.   So much fun.   (Too much fun?)

A very fun way to send the bride-to-be off to her wedding events in style.  

Can't wait for 7.6.12!


  1. 7.6.12.... not 5 :)

    Thanks for celebrating with us!! xoxo

    1. That's what I get from blogging from my BB :)


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