Thursday, May 10, 2012

on Austin and May 10th

Several important things have happened in my life on different May 10ths throughout the years.  Senior prom in 2003.  A bird flying in to my car in 2005.  (And by "in to" I mean - inside of... no joke).  And most importantly, Austin Steil's day of birth in 1990.

I was six years old at the time, and I didn't know the significance.  I didn't know him, because we didn't meet until 1995 or 1996, but I am so thankful for that important May 10th.

The best way to tell you about Austin is to recount a story, from sometime during the latter half of college.  I was home from school, and hanging out in the basement with my friend Sam.  I don't really remember the context or why we were there, but Austin came bounding in to the room, holding my cell phone.  The phone had been charging in my room two floors above, when Austin heard it ringing and sprinted downstairs so that I wouldn't miss a call.  That is who Austin is.  Eternally helpful, and just plain nice.  (And a runner, obviously). 

Happy 22, Austin.   

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