Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012: Recap

Though no Memorial Day will ever compete with 2011, this Memorial Day was packed with fun - a 30th birthday trolley with the Specials, lunch at my favorite sandwich shop, first anniversary wedding cake, homemade salsa and mojitos, a new necklace from Scott, fancy jello shots, dinner with Matt and Kelly, an anniversary couples massage, at-home jewelry making, and lots of sun and happiness.

Here's to the summer!


  1. I love your new necklace...and want more information on the jewelry making! Fun weekenend and I love your bright clothes!

  2. I agree, where did you learn to make necklaces? It's very pretty!

    Thank you for helping me to celebrate 30 - it wouldn't be the same without you two!!! :) ~LS

  3. Thanks guys :) Just posted a little more detail on the jewelry making! Thanks for asking - it was very fun to do!!


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