Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the "hospital survival kit"

Subtitle:  #23 Plan a surprise!

My cousinfriend Megan is expecting her first child next month, and I literally could not be happier for her.  I can hardly think about her bundle of joy without getting choked up.  You know those times when you want something so badly for someone else?  This is that for me.

When I heard that she was pregnant, my first initial reaction was to scream in happiness (we were driving, and Scott's ears haven't quite recovered - sorry).  Anyway, my second thought was that I wanted to do something unique to share in the joy and celebration.  

I'm not a mom, so it's not like I could give her my favorite baby product, or favorite toy or favorite anything.  In fact, there's not much I can add in terms of babies.  But creature comforts for mom?  That is something I could take a decent stab at creating.  

Enter: the "Hospital Survival Kit".  

The idea was to put together a basket (the "kit") full of goodies to make Megan's time in the hospital a little more cozy.  (And can I tell you - selfishly - how fun this project was?  Picking out my favorite travel-size goodies and things I think would be helpful?  So fun).  

I first started off with a tentative list.  A little google searching suggested socks with sticky-things on the bottom for traction, headbands, chapstick, etc.  For the remainder of the items, I just thought about what I would want (and then eyes-open, wandered the aisles of target, Ulta and Sephora for ideas).

Once my items were assembled, I found a basket to put everything in.  For me, it was a basket that was originally used as an Easter basket.  (I think any basket or bucket would work - but I chose this one in particular because of the handles).

For a final touch, I found a onesie to add in.  Not really a gift for mama, but when I saw this onesie, I literally could not resist.  It was perfect.

Lastly, I put everything in the bucket.  (I added a bottle of my favorite champagne because after nine+ months of not drinking, maybe mama will want to toast with some bubbly.  If not, she'll have lots of milestones to celebrate over the coming weeks and months).

And there you have it!  The final product.  Not pictured were a few little incidentals - a canister of my favorite sugar-free mints, a Clif Bar, some chocolate.  The other thing not pictured was a "Chicken Soup for the New Moms Soul" book that I added in.

Lastly, I just got a cute gender-neutral baby card to write my personal wishes and voila!

Can't wait to meet the newest Rank!


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