Wednesday, May 30, 2012

18) Make my own jewelry

Since the snowball fight didn't pan out, I decided to replace this goal with something that I've been wanting to do for the past year or two - make my own jewelry.  At the craft store, the choices were astronomical - every kind of jewelry imaginable was available to make yourself.  Having no training, I decided that making my own necklace would be a good first step, and enlisted Scott to help me. 

I picked out the supplies (beads, a chain, clasps) and Scott assured me he had the necessary tools at home (pliers and scissors that would cut metal).

So.  I got started, pushing each bead down the fine metal chain.  That proved to be quite the challenge, because the chain that I selected was extremely delicate, and kept getting caught on the small interior of each bead.  Scott rigged it up using a small amount of the clear cord (picture fishing line) that had held the beads to the packaging.  (A needle and thread would work even better, but do you think I have that on hand?  No.  My grandma would be ashamed of me).  Anyway, once we got that down, the process went more quickly.

That is, until we got all the beads on the chain.  Then it was time to put the loop on the end of each side (the loop would have the clasp affixed to it, so that I can take the necklace on and off just like a normal necklace).  Due to the delicate size of the chain I selected, the loops would not fit (whoops).  My favorite engineer had the idea to take a very small nail and softly hammer it through the last link on the necklace - turning it from a very narrow oval to a wider circle.  And voila - it worked like a charm and my project was saved.

Once I got in to the swing of things, I hammered (pun intended) out two necklaces in no time flat.  

I bought all of the supplies at Michaels - a chain, an assorted package of loops/clasps (42 pieces - so enough for many more necklaces) and four packages of beads (5 beads per pack).  For the black and white necklace (pictured above) I used one and a half packs of beads, and the coral and white necklace (below) I used one pack.  My total bill was under $25 and I got two necklaces and a fun experience out of it. 

Not to mention, I also got the jewelry makin' bug.  I LOVED this project, and cannot wait to make more necklaces.


  1. Dang that I just had my birthday! Christmas, maybe? Can I get dangling earrings with my order, please?! (PS - I look best in blue tones...)


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