Monday, April 2, 2012

Shamrock Shuffle 2012

The Shamrock Shuffle happened a week ago yesterday, and I'm still not walking normally :) Here's a recap.

The day before the race (Saturday evening) Scott and I met up with Matt and Kelly to go to the race expo. 

Photo credit: KK
While we were there, I saw a few fun tshirts:

After the Expo, the four of us went to carb-load at a fun restaurant in Old Town.  Two bottles of wine and four pasta dishes later, and we were ready to rock shuffle.

The next morning, I woke up a full hour before my alarm went off (which is unusual for me).  I definitely had nerves, but tried to just acknowledge them and move on.  We'd been running consistently for just under three months, but I had never gotten close to five miles (my longest run was about three point five).   Anyway, I ate a banana and a granola bar and put on my favorite running clothes, then headed downtown.

Our heat was scheduled to start at 9:15, but it took forever to get to our corral, so we ended up toward the back of the group.  (Next time, we'll get there earlier so that we can be at the front of the corral, and not have to dodge the walkers).

After waiting for what seemed like hours, the race started and we were off.  After about a half mile, I told Scott how good I felt... and that was the last time I said that during the race :)  There were many times that I wanted to stop running, but Scott would not let me, and instead just encouraged us to slow down til I got my groove back.  Fact: I would not have finished the race running without him.

Matt and Kelly were running, too, and absolutely killed it.  As Scott and I crossed the finish line, Matt and Kelly were hollering at us.  It was such a great moment.  Finishing the race (!!) and being able to celebrate with two other racers, who understood what a milestone it was in our running "careers".

Anyway, we finished the race twelve seconds under my goal time.  (Nothing like cutting it close).

Did I set any time records?  Nope.  But to be honest, I wasn't super concerned with how quickly we finished the race... just that we finished at all. (Incidentally, Scott could definitely have run more quickly, but I am so glad he stayed with me). 

We really liked the race environment, and perhaps more importanly, having a goal that we push ourselves towards physically.  I'm traditionally not a big runner, and I don't find it terribly fun.  But the race? That was fun, and it got my ass off the couch and on the pavement many, many more times than I would have otherwise.  We're already registered for our next race, and I am confident that my pace (and fear factor) will continue downward.


  1. So proud of you (and Matt) - and impressed with Scott and Kelly, too! You inspire me. My 5K is not until October, but I'm looking forward to improving last year's time!

  2. Love this post, Kate, and thanks for the shout outs! The race was fun (we need to do more together), but my favorite part was still the pasta and wine the night before. We need to do that again SOON! :) I think it's awesome you and Scott finished your first race together and accomplished your time goal. You should be proud!


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