Friday, April 20, 2012

Photos of the Day: Celebrity Sighting Edition

You guys.  I saw legit celebrities.

On Sunday, Scott and I hit Crate and Barrel right when they opened.  We had a ton of wedding gifts to scoop up, plus wanted to see if we could find any finishing touch-type accessories for our apartment.

I was looking around, when I spotted this scraggly guy with a huge, baggy sweats.  To be honest, he was kind of a mess.  But, he looked familiar and well, not bad looking.  And then I saw the girl he was with and it hit me.  JAY CUTLER was the hot mess.  And Kristin Cavalleri was the girl he was with.

(Sidebar - she is TINY.  And super pregnant.  If I had to guess, I'd say she'll be giving birth well before the first snap of the football season).

I like celebrities.  I really like celebrities.  I often joke that I live in the wrong town, because of how much I'd enjoy seeing random celebs on the streets.  So this completely made my day.

totally them.  the white car on the left was theirs.

(am i a creepy stalkerazzi yet? i think yes)

they then walked next door to "the land of nod".  i asked scott if i could follow them
in there but he strongly discouraged it.  thumbs down, husband.

and then they were off - in a toyota?

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  1. I personally find it awesome that they drive a Toyota and are shopping at Crate and Barrel versus somewhere swankier.

    Thanks for the gossip Perez!



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