Monday, April 30, 2012

on life and living

Bad things happen every day.  Little kids die.  Beloved family members get cancer.  Families fall apart.

We walk through every day knowing that these things can happen to us, and crossing our fingers that they don't.  We look both ways when we cross the street.  We wear our seatbelts.  We eat healthy and we floss and we exercise.  All the while knowing that planes fall out of the sky, and cancer sneaks in and heart attacks hit. 

Everybody dies.

Every.  Body.  Dies.

The question isn't if, it's when.  Is it tomorrow?  Three weeks from Tuesday?  Sixty years from next March?  One of my favorite blogs asked the question a few weeks ago -  "what scares you most?" and I couldn't answer.  Thinking about death scares me a lot.  Thinking about my loved ones dying scares me even more.  

Death is the absolute.  It's happening.  In some ways, from the moment we take the first breath - we're dying.  Death is like the final punctuation on the end of the sentence that is our life.  A period or an exclamation point - it doesn't matter, really, the end is the end is the end.

Thinking about the things that could go wrong could make you go crazy.

So instead, we choose to ignore the possibilities.  To turn the other way and focus on LIFE and TODAY and NOW.  And if we do this in the right way, then even when we're gone, we're still here in some ways because of the impact we've made and the lives that we've touched.  And in this short fleeting life on earth, what more can we wish for.


  1. Call me a total Rank -- but this post just made my cry, for man different reasons.

  2. The here and the now...we don't have time for anything else! I try to remind myself, when losing someone, not to dwell on the pain of the loss but on what I've gained by having the experience of that person. When we look at life that way, the hurt lessens and peace and joy can be found, not in another place or in another hour, but here and now. Keeping it real here in Iowa City, love you, and even though I'm focusing on the here and now (pile of work and it's 8 am) I am looking forward to my future weekend with you which starts in 80 hours!

  3. some things are beyond my comprehension so not much to think about...death is squarely in this category. Death? I shrug my shoulders at you! Come whenver you want and if you could be quick about it that'd be appreciated.


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