Sunday, April 15, 2012

BaconFest 2012

Scott bought tickets to Chicago's BaconFest 2012 several months ago, and we've been excited about it since.  A fest for Bacon?  We had to be there.

While I wear black 99% of the time, Scott, obviously, dressed accordingly.  Bacon does, obviously, make everything better.

The fest had everything you could possibly think of that involved bacon.  These were "bacon and eggs", which were actually bacon, white chocolate and a peanut M&M.

The atmosphere at the fest was very interesting.  The event actually sold out in three minutes (literally three MINUTES!).  Hundreds and hundreds of tickets sold, but while it was crowded, it wasn't uncomfortable.

Scott's shirt got a ton of attention.  Thirty seconds after I took the below photo, Scott was asked for his first (of close to a dozen!) photos.  Everyone wanted a picture of Scott and his shirt!

One of the main attractions at BaconFest was a bacon waffle.  These photos made me laugh out loud, because in both of these, Scott was posing (eyes OPEN) and I just so happened to snap each photo mid-blink.  (Sort of sums up our relationship, now that I think of it).

As in true Kate-style, my favorite bacon food involved... chocolate!  Here I am "digging" for chocolate bacon truffles:

There was also bacon cannolis and other delicious bacon sweet-treats:

And bacon BOOZE!  (Woot).  We each had six drink tickets with our admission ticket.  While we were waiting in line to enter the fest, Scott and I were predicting that each drink would cost a couple tickets, maybe two tickets for a beer and three for a bacon drink.  Nope - every drink was one ticket (and with as delicious as the bacon prosecco was, lets just say six was more than plenty...)

After an hour or so of wandering around (and tasting every bacon option that we could get our hands on that we wanted), we were very ready to take our drinks and sit for a second.  I love this picture of Scott.  Two words come to mind: Bacon and overdose.

And, one of the best parts - attendees were encouraged to bring cans and/or donate cash as a contribution to the Greater Chicagoland Food Deposit.  Did you know that 1 in every 8 Chicagoans is hungry?  What a horrible statistic.  At such a luxurious foodie event, it was nice to know that the people that really need it were benefitting.  ($50,000 plus over two tons of food was raised!)

I'd highly recommend BaconFest Chicago.  My biggest suggestion to any future attendees would be to eat strategically.  After having a taste of several different places, we were stuffed!  Spend the time that you're waiting for the doors to open by looking at your map and figuring out your "must eat" spots.  And come thirsty - lots of fabulous bev vendors.

Overall, A++!  Already looking forward to BaconFest 2013!

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  1. Looks awesome (especially that bacon waffle), and what a good cause!


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