Monday, April 16, 2012

2) Finish our condo: Great Room Edition

I've shown you our guest room, closet, floors, and - obviously - kitchen.  Only three rooms remain, and for archive purposes, I'll reveal each in separate posts throughout the next few days.

First up - our "great" room!  (I'm calling it that because it's basically our main living area - combination of TV room, family room, den, office, dining room.... )

When we first bought the place, we had all of Scott's furniture and all of my furniture - so it was kind of like putting together a puzzle assembling all of it together and mixing and matching.  Over the past ten months, it's been fun getting a piece here or there to make it a little more cohesive.  For example, we just picked up the cocktail table (next photo) at Ikea last weekend - we'd been using a TV stand.

I should probably do a separate post on this coffee table - $500 at C&B,
but we got it for a fraction of the price off Craigslist

One of our splurges six months ago was this chair, below.  While it's markedly less comfy than the chair above, I think it fits our decor well (and I just think it looks cool!)


  1. Beautiful...and the ivy looks alive and well!

  2. LOVE the coffee table! (and all of it)

  3. what's NEXT? your readers want to know...


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