Friday, March 2, 2012

plot your escape at union station

On Wednesday, Scott sends me an email - subject line: not sure, but possibly just got free tickets.  Attached were two Ticketmaster tickets to a Thursday night concert at Union Station.  Sara Bareillis and Maroon 5.  (Did I mention they were free?  Did I mention I love Adam Levine?)

We weren't sure what the deal was.  Some quickly googling showed this could be legit, and could be fake.  We decided - what the heck, let's go check it out.  If it turns in to nothing, no loss.  If it turns in to something, free Maroon 5 concert!

So we went.  And it was awesome.

The night was hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic (whom I loooooveeeeeee).

The show started promptly at 8pm, and the opener was Sara Bareillis.  (I actually saw her once before as she opened opened for James Blunt a couple of years ago here in Chicago).

And then - Maroon 5.  It was really cool.  They started with Moves Like Jagger, and continued playing all of their hits (which as a casual fan is all that I know from them).  My personal favorite, Harder to Breathe, was included in the lineup which was a fun surprise.

It must be said: Adam Levine is a ROCKER.  Literally no other way to say it.  Great show, tons of energy, super fun.

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  1. Seriously, my face is burning with jealousy. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarah B and would definitely never pass up Maroon 5. Lucky dog!


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