Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lee Brice at Joe's on Weed

I was recently introduced to the music of Lee Brice, and he quickly has risen to be one of my favorites.  I fist heard of his song, "A Woman Like You" and I just love it.  So good.  Anyway, after finding that song, I discovered that he also sang the song "Love Like Crazy" which was a hit a couple years ago.

I heard on the radio last week that he was coming to Chicago this weekend - playing at a bar venue called Joe's on Weed Street, and tickets were only $10.  Yes please.  I mentioned it to Matt, and a double date was set up.  

I've been looking forward to it all week - and it FAR exceeded my expectations.  The opener, Charlie Worsham, started at 9, but since it's standing room only, we decided to get there part way through his set. (Another post on him coming soon).

Anyway, the show was AWESOME..  

I actually can't say enough good things about Lee Brice.  Just enough talking in between songs, and enough rockin'.  One funny thing was his facial expressions - I loooved them.  When he was singing a song about veterans, his face was so serious and he looked like he was about to cry.  When he was singing about beer (HA) his face was cracking up.   My favorite was in "A Woman Like You".  His facial expressions mirrored the words.  It was fabulous.  You could tell he really enjoys what he does for a living.

Another moment I just loved was right before he played "Love Like Crazy" (one of his two biggest hits so far) he said "this is the song that changed my life".  I just loved that.

He also played the song "Crazy Girl" (which was made famous by the Eli Young Band).. turns out, Lee Brice actually wrote it.  Cool huh?  

His new album comes out in April, and I will definitely be buying it.  He played some new stuff from that album, including a song that had the amazing lyrics (I'm recalling from memory, so these could be a little off) "I like drinkin' beer while I'm fishin' on a lake... I like drinkin' beer while I'm thinkin' bout fishin' on a lake".  Just classic country party music. 

Come back soon, Lee Brice!

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