Sunday, February 12, 2012

on homer

I have the house to myself right now, as Scott is at Starbucks studying for some engineering test he's taking in April.

I have a list a page long of what I hope to accomplish (reorganizing my closet, dusting, etc) and one of the items on the list was to replace the quotation in one of my frames.  Since I moved to my own apartment in August of 2009, I've had the following in a frame.  Over the past two years, the paper inside somehow got wet, and was just looking worse for the wear.  My mom brought me a fresh copy the last time she was in town, and I finally got around to replacing it today:

It was written by my great-uncle Homer, as love note to his wife, Denny.  Homer was my Grandma Phyllis' younger brother.  

Phyllis died in 1994, and Homer in 2002.  

On the backside of the paper were the dates of his life: 

July 30, 1920 - February 2, 2002.

He died exactly ten years ago today.

I know that some of you (cough) don't believe in God-winks, and frankly, I'm not sure what I believe.  What I do know is that when I realized this, a chill ran down my back, and tears sprang to my eyes.  I believe in something bigger than me, regardless of whether or not that had anything to do with this coincidence, and I'm glad I stumbled upon the anniversary.

Rest in peace, Homer. 

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