Sunday, February 5, 2012

kitchen confidential

Y'all, kitchen phase one is complete!

Here's two "before" shots:

The "twins" (seriously, check out their matching outfits), chipped up all of the old tile in the kitchen

And then the real fun began!

And here is the "phase one complete" photo:
We are still deciding on granite & backsplash, and still have a little fine tuning to do (um, starting with removing the protective plastic wrap on the fridge, ha).

Scott and I are BEYOND thrilled with our beautiful new kitchen.  We couldn't have done it without my amazing parents - they took three days of vacation (and a weekend) to come to Chicago and work their butts off for 10+ hours a day.  Thanks mom & dad!


  1. omg it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! cannot WAIT to see the finished thing in person!!

  2. So much fun...I learned a few things about renovations...and about each of you :)

    And...admittedly...a little about myself (I love sweeping!)!


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