Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kate's Top 10 Favorite Songs

Since you've all been dying to know....


... here are my top ten all-time favorite songs.  The soundtrack to my life, if you will.  

10. These Days (Rascal Flatts)
This was the song that first made me fall in love with country music - the voices, but mostly - the stories that each song tells.  There's no real story or memory behind my reaction to this song - I just like it.

(I can't get this song to embed - so click here to play from YouTube)

9.  Devil Town (Bright Eyes)
I know that I just posted about this song, but the fact is - I love it.  It's one of the "newer" songs on my list, and the calm almost melancholy tone brings that same serenity to me every time I hear it.  I often listen to it when I'm stressing out, and it brings me down a notch.

8.  My Kinda Party (Jason Aldean)
This is my go-to song for anything where I need a lil kick - cleaning, treadmill, Monday mornings.  I love songs that tell a story, and this one does (a story of a party, but a story nonetheless).  It makes me want to move to a small town in Georgia to drink Busch Light in cornfields. 
(I cannot get this song to embed for the life of me.  Click here to play from YouTube).

7.  Collide (Howie Day)
I couldn't do a list of my favorite music without including some Howie Day, but it was a toss up between "Morning After" and this one.  What tipped the scales was the memory of seeing my brother Joe sing this at his high school talent show, and sitting in the audience with tears running down my face, realizing how much dang talent he has.  Love Joe, love Howie, love Collide.

6. A Drop in the Ocean (Ron Pope)
My cousin Anne introduced me to this song, and several years later, it's still one of my favorite love songs.  ("I'm holding you close cause you are my heaven").  His voice is like melted butter.

5.  Taxi (Harry Chapin)
Where to start with this one?  Even though the song has nothing to do with moms, this song reminds me of mine, probably because she loves Harry Chapin, and I grew up on this song.  I've known all the words since I was a little kid, long before I knew what the lyrics meant.  (And now that I do? They don't write lyrics like this anymore).  

4. Wondering Where You Are (Tyrone Wells)
I love the voice that comes out of Tyrone Wells and play his songs often... but when deciding which to include on my list, well, there was no contest.  This is my favorite of his songs, and I think many people can relate to the sentiment behind the words.  

3. Counting Crows (Mr. Jones)
This album (August and Everything After) would hold the top spot on my all-time favorite albums list.  This was literally the soundtrack to my childhood.  No matter when this song cycles on, I crank up the volume.  And the lyrics? "Help me believe in anything, cause I wanna be someone who believes".  Yes. Just yes.

(Below is an acoustic version, click here for the real deal).

2. You and Me (Dave Matthews Band)
This was the first dance at my wedding.  Scott and I went to a DMB concert at Wrigley Field the summer before we were married, and when he played this song, Scott leaned over and suggested it for our first dance.  Done, no other songs were entertained.  Strangely, when I hear it, I don't think about the first dance at our wedding reception, but of that perfect early-Fall night, and how the stars just seemed to be aligning in my world.
(I can only get a live version to embed - so click here if you'd rather play the album version).

1.  When Everything Seems Wrong (Ari Hest)
This song will forever remind me of the winter of my senior year of high school, before I knew where to go to college.  My curfew was midnight, and I would blast this song on repeat my whole drive home.  Loved this time in my life, and love Ari Hest (though, none of his new stuff even compares to this song).  The lyrics are sad and hard, but it still makes me so happy.  Whenever I'm asked for my favorite song, this is it.  

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