Sunday, February 12, 2012

22) Be a tourist in my city (do something quintessential Chicago)

I went to an auto show.  And I enjoyed it.

(I've never said two more surprising sentences).  

Anyway, Scott and I ventured out to the Chicago Auto Show on Friday night. Chicago was in the midst of a bit of a blizzard, so the show was wonderfully empty.  

Scott loves cars, I do not.  (Shocker).  But even with that in mind, I had a really fun time.  The cars were pretty cool, and seeing Scott in heaven made me happy :)

Waiting in line for an off-road Jeep ride.  

What's an auto show without $4.50 tallboys?
Our photo's on the big screen!

there was a whiteboard to write messages.
so of course I had to write a few 

the Mercedes display - M is the most powerful letter in the world.  (Loved this... I'll always be a Maloney).  

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