Tuesday, February 28, 2012

nine months ago

Best day ever.  EVER. EVER EVER EVER EVER.

Monday, February 27, 2012

on angelina's leg

I'm not a huge Angelina Jolie fan.

I don't even really know why.  I liked her in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Her on-screen chemistry with Brad Pitt was so electrifying that it's literally not surprising that it spilled off screen.

I don't necessarily blame her for the breakup of Brad and Jenifer Jennifer's marriage (although I could certainly believe it, duh).  There's just something about her - some... arrogance?  bitchiness?  Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

In a lot of ways she seems perfect - partnered with both a two-time Sexiest Man Alive and an Oscar, plus perfect little model-children and a gazillion dollars in the bank.  It's one thing to be perfect, and it's another to know that you're perfect.... and I'm pretty sure she knows.

All this to say that the hip-height slit, and the crazy posing?  Too much.  We get it Angelina.  You don't need to beat us over the head with it.

Lee Brice: Love Like Crazy

It's official - I have the hots for Lee Brice.

(Don't worry, Scott's cool with it).

His voice, his lyrics... swoon.

Anyway.  Scott and I are meeting Matt and Kelly at the Lee Brice show this weekend, and I can't wait.  In preparation, I've been rockin' out to Lee Brice as much as possible.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Katrina + Rich: February 25, 2012

Scott and I attended the wedding of his fraternity brother and his longtime girlfriend this weekend, and it was a great time.

The wedding was at a beautiful old church here in Chicago, and the reception was at a crazy-cool venue called Salvage One (an old, really cool antique store that apparently is still open for business, and doubles as a reception venue).  

mr. and mrs. 
dapper, no?
i just had to include this one - my favorite shot of the night
Congratulations, Rich & Katrina!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GPOYW: MX edition

Wish I could re-take my honeymoon every year.  Love everything about this.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Audra Mae: Here I Go Again

I love the original, but this version is fabulous.  Perfect rock-out music.

17) Take my parents to dinner

This weekend, my parents were in town to complete Phase Two of the "Special Kitchen Project" and happily, I achieved #17

We went to our new corner bar (I call it my "Miguels" for those of you who know what that means) and it was just great.  My parents are what I miss most about living in Iowa.

(picture snagged from Kelly)

Full disclosure: this photo is from the next night, Saturday, when we may or may not have returned to the exact same spot for round two.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quote of the Day: Ellen DeGeneres


RFW 2012: Jane & Bryan Edition

I got the JOYFUL news this weekend that my adorable cousin Jane is engaged to her longtime love, Bryan.

I truly could not be happier for them, and I practically don't remember a time when Bryan wasn't around.

I think I speak for all 51-and-counting Ranks when I say: welcome to the family, Bryan!

(And I think I also speak for all 51 when I say that I cannot wait for your wedding).

Friday, February 17, 2012

Twenty-eight by 28: Half Way!

Last Saturday was my half birthday (closer now to 30 than 25, how is that possible?) which prompted me to check in on my Twenty Eight by 28 goals.

Here is what I have left:

2) Finish our condo (decorating, not renovations as that may never be entirely finished)
3) Be able to do 10 legit pushups
6) Run a race
7) Travel to somewhere I haven't been
11) Go to a Bull's game
12) Sing a karaoke solo
15) Find an "important" book that I haven't read and actually read it
17) Take my parents to dinner
18) Have a snowball fight
23) Plan some kind of surprise
27) Visit a new city

11/28 left - not bad!

Here are some notes, in case you're curious:

2) Finish our condo (decorating, not renovations as that may never be entirely finished)  my parents are coming this weekend to help us fine tune the kitchen.  We picked out our granite last weekend, and that will get installed in the next few weeks.  After that, the book will be pretty much closed on the kitchen. The only remaining area of the condo that really needs some TLC is our bedroom, which is super boring and plain.  That will be our next quick project.
3) Be able to do 10 legit pushups uhhh.  yes.  i need to work on this.
6) Run a race scott and i are registered for the shamrock shuffle on march 25th.  (assuming i can get my ass across the finish line, this will be then complete).
7) Travel to somewhere I haven't been we're talking about planning some kind of getaway for memorial day weekend/our one year wedding anniversary, so hopefully i can accomplish this then.  if not, looks like we'll be taking a summer trip :)
11) Go to a Bull's game crap.  i actually have zero interest in doing this?  i'm open to any suggestions for a comparable replacement goal?
12) Sing a karaoke solo i feel like i've probably done this since august, but since i don't have a distinct memory, i'll make it happen again in the next six months.  (maybe on the next cousinfriend weekend?)
15) Find an "important" book that I haven't read and actually read it need to reserve something from the library (whoops, first need to pay off 60c overdue fee fine).
17) Take my parents to dinner maybe this weekend?! 
18) Have a snowball fight i'm hoping i can't achieve this (because we won't get any more snow, right?) if not, i'll swap out a different goal.
23) Plan some kind of surprise hmmm....
27) Visit a new city this seems a LOT like #7.  maybe i need to plan two trips? 

Quote of the Day: on family

I love my family.  The end.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

on my JoeJoe

My brother Joe is five years younger than me, and I find it incredibly hard to believe that he's old enough to be finishing his college education.

(Or drink whiskey, for that matter).

Joe is smarter than me, more athletic than me, more interesting than me, and more intelligent than me.


I am lucky to be his sister, and one of his loudest and proudest cheerleaders.

(If I do say so myself).

Joe is graduating from Grinnell College this spring, with a degree in Economics, an impressively high GPA, a ridiculously full resume, and a job already lined up.  More importantly, he's both informed and curious about the world.  (A good combination, I think).

Remember the name Joe Maloney.  You'll hear it again.

(Trust me).

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

GPOYW: Bachelorette Edition

There are no words to describe my bachelorette party (one year ago this weekend, what).

If I could rewind one year, I would in an instant. 


Quote of the Day: wild and precious life edition

‎"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver

(One of my Facebook friends posted this over the weekend, and darn it if I didn't get weepy in Ikea.  If this isn't profound, then I don't know what is).  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

on homer

I have the house to myself right now, as Scott is at Starbucks studying for some engineering test he's taking in April.

I have a list a page long of what I hope to accomplish (reorganizing my closet, dusting, etc) and one of the items on the list was to replace the quotation in one of my frames.  Since I moved to my own apartment in August of 2009, I've had the following in a frame.  Over the past two years, the paper inside somehow got wet, and was just looking worse for the wear.  My mom brought me a fresh copy the last time she was in town, and I finally got around to replacing it today:

It was written by my great-uncle Homer, as love note to his wife, Denny.  Homer was my Grandma Phyllis' younger brother.  

Phyllis died in 1994, and Homer in 2002.  

On the backside of the paper were the dates of his life: 

July 30, 1920 - February 2, 2002.

He died exactly ten years ago today.

I know that some of you (cough) don't believe in God-winks, and frankly, I'm not sure what I believe.  What I do know is that when I realized this, a chill ran down my back, and tears sprang to my eyes.  I believe in something bigger than me, regardless of whether or not that had anything to do with this coincidence, and I'm glad I stumbled upon the anniversary.

Rest in peace, Homer. 

Ron Pope - "Somebody That I Used To Know" (Gotye Feat. Kimbra Cover)

I like the original version (Gotye f. Kimbra) but I think I even like the Ron Pope version better.  I can't get enough of this.

22) Be a tourist in my city (do something quintessential Chicago)

I went to an auto show.  And I enjoyed it.

(I've never said two more surprising sentences).  

Anyway, Scott and I ventured out to the Chicago Auto Show on Friday night. Chicago was in the midst of a bit of a blizzard, so the show was wonderfully empty.  

Scott loves cars, I do not.  (Shocker).  But even with that in mind, I had a really fun time.  The cars were pretty cool, and seeing Scott in heaven made me happy :)

Waiting in line for an off-road Jeep ride.  

What's an auto show without $4.50 tallboys?
Our photo's on the big screen!

there was a whiteboard to write messages.
so of course I had to write a few 

the Mercedes display - M is the most powerful letter in the world.  (Loved this... I'll always be a Maloney).  

Saturday, February 11, 2012

22) Be a tourist in my city (do something quintessential Chicago)

Before Christmas, Scott and I went to Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

(In case you're unaware, it's where the LPZoo transforms itself- picture, Christmas lights everywhere, hot chocolate and coffee stands, etc.  There are still lots of animals around, though, so you still have the "zoo experience").

I'd never been, and since it was my fifth Chicago winter, I figured the time had come.  

Look at this dude.  It was strange seeming him up so close.

on Maureen Walsh

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, my politics are pretty clear.  I typically see things as black and white, wrong and right.   Which is why the issue of gay marriage is so astounding to me - the answer seems so obvious.

All that to say -  if you watch one video on my blog, let it be this one.

Eloquent, thoughtful, raw.  Maureen Walsh, I like you.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Knows No Gender

I just stumbled upon the "Love Knows No Gender" Facebook page and it was love at first sight.

Here are a few photos I couldn't resist sharing:




Tuesday, February 7, 2012

on ms. rank

Today, one of my favorite people in the entire world was offered a job.

And not just any job - a real live, grown-up, career building J-O-B.

Jenifer, they are darn lucky to have you.

And so am I.

Here's to you, TEACHER.

Cannot wait to visit you in the Quad Cities!

Here is to Ms. Rank!!

Kate's Top 10 Favorite Songs

Since you've all been dying to know....


... here are my top ten all-time favorite songs.  The soundtrack to my life, if you will.  

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lee Brice- A Woman Like You

In light of what I just posted earlier today, I thought it only right to post this song too.  If I didn't have Scott, I would be searching for a man exactly like him.

on soulmates

I do not believe in soul mates.

But if I did, I don't think Scott would be mine.

Last weekend, my parents, Scott and I got in to a conversation about love and relationships and marriage.  Offhandedly, Scott mentioned that we don't have anything in common, and my mom seemed a little shocked by this - a married couple admitting that they don't have anything in common.

I wasn't surprised by Scott's comment, because we've talked about it a few times before.  The fact is,  we don't have much in common except our shared history.  I don't like what he likes, he doesn't like what I like.   The things we each enjoy, well, the other really doesn't.  What we have in common are the things we have shared over the past five years - our families, an extended group of mutual friends, our condo, Chicago, etc.  I love him with my whole heart, but I don't like his interests a whole lot.

When I first realized this, it startled me a little bit.  What does this say for the longevity of our relationship?    But the thing is, it doesn't bother either of us.  We're both happy hanging out together, and we're both happy hanging out with our other friends.  I fell in love with Scott because of (or, possibly even,  despite?) his interests, and I think he would say the same for me.  I want him to continue enjoying the things that interest him, and he can explore those things with me, or more often, without me.

So, truly, we don't have much in common.

Except each other.

And I'm just fine with that.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo of the Day: Super Bowl

February 5, 2012
Special condo

My heart belongs to the Chicago Bears.  Always.