Monday, January 16, 2012

on Scott's grandfather

I've been trying to write this post since Saturday, and finally I decided that I should just hit "publish".

Scott's beloved grandfather died on Saturday afternoon, after a fairly quick decline.  He was in his 70s, I think, but until Thanksgiving or so, was in really wonderful health.  He lived in Florida, but as a Chicago native - with many of his children and grandchildren still living in this area - he came back often.

His name was Robert Benson, but most who knew him simply called him "Benny".  I don't know how to describe him, except to say that he was just plain nice.  I really liked him, and I am glad that I knew him.  I feel especially fortunate that he was able to be at our wedding, and that he even said the first reading.

Scott is doing ok.  He's sad, of course, but I think he is glad that he had as much time with his grandfather as he did.  They traveled together (alone) to Europe just a few years ago, and, along with his cousins and siblings, Scott made numerous trips to Florida.  His grandfather was very important to him, and I am glad for his sake, that Scott had 26+ years with Benny.

I was Benny's (only!) granddaughter-in-law, if that's a thing, and though we knew his end was near, I am more sad than I even realized I would be.  My paternal grandmother died when I was only 9, and then of course Mike died a few years later, but this is the first close death that has really affected me as an adult.  It's times like this, weekends like this, that make you realize how damn short life is, and how important it is to cherish those that we love, while we can.

On this MLK Jr. day, I came across his quotation: "we must use time creatively", and I think it's so appropriate.  Our time is so limited in this place, and we owe it to ourselves to savor every moment that we have.

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